Evaluation Process


Programs to Apply for Accreditation

Programs listed below are required to apply to IAA by July 31, 2022, if they want to be evaluated by IAA for accreditation in the 2022-2023 accreditation cycle.

  • Bachelor programs to apply for the IAA evaluation for the first time
  • Master1 programs to apply for the IAA evaluation for the first time

Programs without any application until August 01, 2022 will not be evaluated in the 2022-2023 accreditation cycle

Programs Eligible for Application for Accreditation and their Relevant Institutions

  • An evaluation application for the purpose of accreditation can be filed for bachelor’s and masters degree Theology / Islamic Studies / Sharia programs or EQUIVALENT bachelor’s and master degree programs.
  • Programs have not graduated can apply for conditional accreditation (one-year accreditation); Programs have graduates can apply for full accreditation (three-year and five-year accreditation).

Important Dates in the Accreditation Application Process

  • July 31, 2022: The deadline for the Faculties to submit to IAA of programs for which they intend to apply for accreditation in 2022.

Online Accreditation Application Form Link: https://forms.gle/RUm35YLg49h5VSBo6

Attention: Accreditation submissions should be made by sent separately to basvuru@iaa.org.tr and application.iaa@gmail.com by filling the Bachelor’s program application form.

  • August 05, 2022: The deadline for the IAA to inform relevant programs that some additional information and documentation are needed for their initial application.
  • August 11, 2022: The deadline for IAA to inform institutions about the their programs that can be evaluated in 2022.
  • December 02, 2022: The deadline for institutions to submit self-assessment reports to IAA in electronic format for the programs for which they applied for accreditation in 2022.
  • January 30, 2023: The deadline to inform the relevant institutions by IAA of the reporting or criterion deficiencies determined in the preliminary examination of the self-assessment reports sent to the IAA.
  • February 15, 2023: The deadline for institutions to send to IAA electronically the reports whose format and/or reporting deficiencies are corrected.

Accreditation Fees and Payment Schedule

Accreditation fees for programs, which were to be evaluated in the 2022-2023 evaluation cycle, were determined by the Executive Board at its meeting. Accreditation evaluation fees for each program to be evaluated are given in the following table.

#Service typesUnit cost in $QuantityTotal
1Application Fees100011000
2Membership fees100011000
3Pre-visit evaluators’ fees50/hr301500
4Site visit Evaluation cost100/day  151500
5Post sit-site visit report writing50/hr15750

Note: The living costs and travel expenses of the evaluation team belong to the applicant faculty.

P.S.: 18% VAT will add to the fees separately.

The process fee is paid at once after accreditation contract.

IAA Criteria to be Used in Accreditation Evaluations

Undergraduate programs will be evaluated by using Evaluation Criteria for Bachelor Programs (Version 1.0).

Self Assessment Report to be Used in Accreditation Evaluations

Undergraduate programs with General Reviews: Undergraduate programs should use Self Assessment Report (Version 2.0).

Important Note: It is recommended that the explanations on PILOT APPLICATION address should be taken into consideration before completing the Self-Assessment Report.